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New Release Note v5.3+

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New Features and Updates in v5.3+

New user interface:

  • Insights Dashboard is now integrated into the ACSIA interface with Dashboard


  • More sysmon MITRE rules integrated with ACSIA have been added . In the section Live Notification shows the logs analysis in detail.


  • DNS Shield feature has been integrated. Users will make the relevant arrangements in the "Settings" section.

    Please note: this is a BETA function at the moment. This feature is available for Linux and Windows.


  • Warning/response notifying users when the license expires have been added.




How to upgrade the new version?

The command below has to be executed by the ACSIA user :


Only v5.0+ users should do this.



Version 5.3.0

New features

  • Integrated more sysmon MITRE rules in ACSIA #1368
  • Added DNS Shield feature #1063


  • Add the latest to the agent version in the host table, if it is the latest version e6fa1d27
  • Add an orange banner when a new version is available #1366
  • Improved readability of Attack by category pie chart label #1276
  • Dashboards now show hostname instead of IP for enhanced readability #1286
  • Improved wazuh notifications formatting 0267c79c
  • Changed ACSIA web UI URLs to be more descriptive 1b4c5327
  • Redesigned insights dashboard 
  • Improved the accuracy of the access granted widget cdeca7b7
  • Improved the accuracy of the network traffic widgets edf3efbb
  • Improved host status icons appearance (coloured now) aafffb3d


  • Fixed host status if the status is idle or disconnected ee807c52
  • Fixed license dialogue persistency on login page aea27028
  • Fixed role not being handled by users page if admin #1370
  • Hide UI buttons based on user role #1371