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Set and Configure a real email account as a sender V6.0+

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This article will cover the steps to configure Email settings in ACSIA SOS.

Email settings are related to ACSIA server-side notifications via emails. These operations are performed as an Administrator
So the user registered as USER must be the administrator. 

Now follow the steps below to configure the e-mail setting in the ACSIA SOS web interface.


1 - Configure e-mail settings on ACSIA

First, log in to the ACSIA web interface. Then click on "Settings", and then on "Email". Then clink on Enable "Enable SMTP" and "Enable Authentication".




Here, write the e-mail and the "Acsia name" parts that you have determined for yourself. And then, Proceed to the configuration steps for the SMTP Server for -HOST. 

The following steps should be followed in the "Hostname", "Port Number" and "Security Layer" sections.

  • Write down the hostname of the SMTP server.
  • Port Number varies depending on SSL or TLS. Outgoing server (SMTP): 465 port for SSL, 587 for TLS.
  • Write down the Security Layer.

2 - Configure the SMTP Server for -USER

In this step, proceed to the configuration steps for the SMTP Server for -USER. 

Save username and password. And then, click on the "SEND TEST EMAIL". On the screen that opens, type the e-mail address of the user you previously added as an administrator. Then, click on the "SEND EMAIL".


3 - Send a test e-mail to check the configuration and save

Check the sent test email. An e-mail like the one below will be sent to the e-mail of the user you have registered as an Administrator.




After completing the other steps flawlessly, click "UPDATE EMAIL" to complete and save the mail configuration.