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Add users to ACSIA Management Console V6.0+

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This article will explain how to add users via the ACSIA SOS application interface.


1 - Add Users on ACSIA 

Log in to the ACSIA Web interface as the first step. Then click on Settings and on "Add User":


Then, fill in the fields of the pop-up that opens:



2 - Reset password from Web UI

Log out of the ACSIA Web interface. "Forgot password?" Click the button and enter the email address of the registered user. Click on "Send Reset Link".




3 - Reset password from the terminal screen

In this step, log in to the ACSIA server from the terminal screen. Run the "acsia_admin_reset_password" command and enter the user you registered in the ACSIA web interface.
A link will appear to reset the password.




Paste this link into your browser. Save the new password on the screen that appears.

You can access the ACSIA Web interface with the user address you have added and the new password.