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General product and sales question

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2. Do you sell direct or through partners?


We are a partner-centric company and have a rapidly expanding partner ecosystem across EMEA and South America consisting of:

  •  Value Added Resellers
  •  Managed Security Services Providers
  •  Services Partners  / System Integrators
  •  Managed Services Providers

Please contact us if you would like to join our expanding list of partners or if you would like us to connect you to a partner near you.


3. Is ACSIA sold as a license or an annual subscription, and what does it include?

Like many open source solutions, ACSIA is sold on an Annual Subscription basis, although it may be purchased through our Managed Service Providers monthly or paid as you go through cloud platforms. An active subscription enables the product to be downloaded from our servers (or consumed as a service), access our license database and comes with product updates, product upgrades, knowledge repositories and a support level agreement.

4. Are ACSIA subscriptions sold per device, per user or storage volume basis?

ACSIA subscription is sold based on the quantity of physical or virtual systems in an environment, with each physical or virtual server consuming one device subscription. 


5. How often are upgrades to ACSIA released?


An ACSIA release is how Dectar delivered new features and functionality to our customers. These occur three times per year, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

We also deliver small updates to these releases throughout the year with bug fixes or improvements to product functionality.


6. Are ACSIA XDR Plus upgrades installed incrementally?

Yes, ACSIA XDR Plus upgrades are installed incrementally as rolling upgrades.

7. Does Dectar offer cybersecurity consultancy services?

We are an innovative software product company that focuses on enhancing the functionality and capability of ACSIA and our services are dedicated to the Installation and Training of our product. We have built an extensive partner network of service providers, including MSP’s, MSSP’s and Services partners who specialize in delivering consultancy services across Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance markets.

8. Do you offer trials or demonstrations of ACSIA XDR Plus?

We are happy to provide demonstrations of the ACSIA XDR Plus product or trial copies of the product to test in your environment.

9. Our company is being bought, or we are changing our outsourced partner. Can the subscriptions be moved to the new company or Managed Services Partner without penalty?

Yes, we must be advised of such changes, but subscriptions can be transferred without penalty.

10. My company works only with SaaS solutions such as NAV, Office365, and CRM Online of Microsoft. Why should I use ACSIA?

Although your company is using only SaaS solutions from Microsoft (or any other SaaS provider) you are still using endpoint devices such as laptops and desktops to access those services. ACSIA will protect these endpoints.


11.  I don't want to use ACSIA on-prem; is it possible to have ACSIA’s protection via a service like SaaS?

Dectar does not offer ACSIA as a SaaS service. We do have numerous partners MSP partners who would be happy to provide ACSIA as a SaaS service.