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Release Note ACSIA CRA V23.12.002

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Dectar announces the release of version 2023.12.002 of the ACSIA CRA platform, scheduled for Thursday, December 21, 2023, from 5:00 to 6:00 PM CET. 


Here's what's new:

  • New feature - "Timeshift": Introducing a groundbreaking feature, "Timeshift," allowing you to journey through time within ACSIA CRA!
    • In the report section, select dates when checks were redone or reports were generated.
    • Explore the new "Timeshift" option in the menu, enabling you to compare the current state with past checkpoints or two different past situations. Easily visualize the evolution of exposure and security status in the monitored infrastructure.
  • Significant performance enhancements:
    • Enjoy improved performance in ACSIA CRA, enhancing both the user interface and backend operations for a smoother and more efficient experience.
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