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What is a “Process at boot time”?

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This article will explain the ACSIA alert called "process at boot time".

Explaining the process at boot time

A "process at boot time" is a software program or task that starts running automatically when a computer or device is turned on or restarted. These processes launch during the system's boot-up sequence and play a vital role in initializing the operating system and preparing the computer for use.

Example of an attack involving a "process at boot time":

Let's consider a scenario where an attacker aims to gain unauthorized access to a company's network. The attacker knows that they can take advantage of a "process at boot time" to achieve their goal.

The attacker gains physical access to a computer within the company's office environment, perhaps through social engineering or by exploiting a vulnerability to bypass physical security.

The attacker proceeds to plant a malicious USB device that contains a piece of malware. This malware is designed to execute a "process at boot time" by exploiting a vulnerability in the computer's firmware or boot sequence.

When an employee turns on the computer, it begins the boot-up process as usual. During this time, the malicious USB device initiates its attack by taking advantage of a flaw in the computer's boot process.

The malware gains control during the boot sequence and establishes a backdoor into the system. This allows the attacker to remotely access the compromised computer and potentially extend their reach into the company's network.

Having gained access, the attacker can now perform various malicious activities, such as stealing sensitive data, deploying additional malware, or launching attacks on other devices within the network.

The "process at boot time" played a significant role in the attack as it allowed the malware to take control of the system early in the boot-up process, evading detection by traditional security measures.


ACSIA alerts you when a process at boot time is performed on your infrastructure.

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