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What is a “malicious file download prevented”?

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This article will explain the ACSIA alert called "malicious file download prevented".

Explaining the malicious file download prevented

"Malicious file download prevented" means that a security system or software has successfully stopped or blocked the downloading of a file that was identified as harmful or dangerous. The system recognized that the file could potentially contain malicious code, malware, or harmful software, and it took proactive measures to protect the user or the network from being exposed to the threat.

Example of a "malicious file download prevented" attack:

Imagine an employee at a large company receiving an email with an attachment that appears to be a legitimate document related to their work. The email is crafted to look convincing and even seems to come from a known colleague or a trusted source.

Unaware of the dangers, the employee proceeds to download and open the attached file. However, the company's cybersecurity system is equipped with advanced threat detection capabilities, as ACSIA is. As soon as the employee attempts to download the file, the security system scans it in real-time.

During the scan, the security system recognizes that the file contains malicious code designed to exploit vulnerabilities in the user's computer. It could be a piece of ransomware, spyware, or a Trojan horse.

To protect the employee's computer and the company's network, the cybersecurity system immediately intervenes. It prevents the download from completing and displays a warning to the user, notifying them that the file they tried to access is potentially harmful.

Thanks to the swift action of the security system, the employee's computer and the entire network are safe from the threat posed by the malicious file. The company's IT team is alerted about the attempted attack, and they can investigate the incident further to understand the nature of the threat and take appropriate measures to strengthen their defenses.

In this example, the "malicious file download prevented" event showcases how proactive cybersecurity measures, as ACSIA is, can detect and stop potential threats before they can cause harm.

ACSIA alerts you when a malicious file download is prevented on your infrastructure.

To enable this feature, click on “Settings”. Then on “Block malicious executable”.


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