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What is a “log file cleared”?

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Permanently deleted user
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This article will explain the ACSIA alert called "log file cleared".

Explaining the log file cleared

"Log file cleared" refers to the deliberate action of deleting or erasing the records of activities and events that have been logged by a computer system. These log files store important information about system operations, user actions, security events, and potential threats. Clearing log files can be an attempt by a malicious actor to cover their tracks and hide any evidence of unauthorized access, malicious activities, or security breaches that may have occurred on the system or network.

Example of a "log file cleared" attack:

Imagine a medium-sized company with an internal network used by its employees to access various resources and sensitive data. The company's IT team has implemented security measures, including logging all user activities and security events on the network.

An attacker with malicious intent targets this company, seeking to gain access to valuable financial information stored on the network. The attacker manages to exploit a vulnerability in the company's outdated remote access system and gains unauthorized entry into the network.

Once inside the network, the attacker begins accessing financial databases and copying sensitive files. Each action they take, such as viewing or downloading files, generates log entries that are recorded in the system's log files.

However, the attacker knows that these log files could potentially expose their presence and activities. To avoid detection, they launch a "log file cleared" attack. They use sophisticated methods or privileged access they have obtained to delete or manipulate the log files, erasing any traces of their unauthorized actions from the system.

By clearing the log files, the attacker covers their tracks and makes it difficult for the company's IT team to identify the security breach or determine the extent of the data breach.

ACSIA alerts you when a log file cleared attack is being performed on your infrastructure.

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