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What is a "dictionary attack web resource"?

Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user
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This article will explain the ACSIA alert called "Dictionary attack web resource".

Explaining the Dictionary attack web resource

A "dictionary attack web resource" refers to an online tool or website that provides attackers with a pre-compiled list of commonly used words or passwords to carry out dictionary attacks more easily.


Here's an example to help illustrate this concept:

Imagine an attacker who wants to gain unauthorized access to a user's online account, such as an email or social media account. To carry out a dictionary attack, the attacker needs a list of commonly used passwords to try against the targeted account.

In this case, the attacker discovers a dictionary attack web resource by searching on the internet. This web resource provides an extensive collection of passwords commonly used by people, such as "123456," "password," or "qwerty." The attacker can download this list or use the web resource directly to automate the process of trying these passwords against the targeted account.

By leveraging the dictionary attack web resource, the attacker significantly speeds up the password-guessing process and increases the chances of successfully compromising user accounts.

ACSIA alerts you when you're under a dictionary attack web resource attack. Here's all the information that ACSIA shows you in the Live Notification:

Also, on the right of the above screen, we can see the actions that a user can perform in such cases.

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