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Release Notes ACSIA CRA V23.04.001 - 23.08.003

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In this article, we'll show the release notes for ACSIA CRA version

What's new on 23.08.003

This version includes numerous enhancements and improvements to the platform, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


  • Revised badge colors with three "warm" colorations shifting towards red-orange (bad rating) and two "cool" colorations shifting towards blue (good rating).
  • Added colors to Radar and Timeline graphs.
  • Added colored bar charts under asset types in the Company Overview to immediately highlight problematic areas.
  • Modified the colors of the "Attack Perimeter" and "Net" graphs for improved readability.
  • "Industry" and "size" details have been added for European companies.
  • "Industry averages" values for asset types have been added to the Radar chart.
  • Introduced subscription selection as the initial step when creating a new Company or Third Party.
  • Optimized the Company Timeline graph to remove spurious values.
  • Modified and optimized the PDF report, including the addition of new graphs and colors.


  • Various performance enhancements and bug fixes have been released for both APIs and web pages.
  • Optimizations have been made to the garbage collector to remove any duplicate assets.
  • Enabled the ability to modify certain configurations at runtime, minimizing potential platform downtime.


What's new on 23.07.003

This new release includes important news and updates:

  • Extension to 52 countries in Europe for company creation.
  • Circular chart optimization in the dashboard and report.
  • Reports in French.
  • Various optimizations.


What's new on 23.07.002

This new release does not introduce feature changes: it improves the stability and performance of the service.


What's new on 23.07.001

This new release includes important news and updates:

  • Third Party:
    • The ability to add new Companies as Third Party has been introduced. Companies added as Third Party are monitored by the system like regular Companies, but only a summary report is generated, and the details of individual Assets cannot be viewed. Subscriptions enabled for Third Party (SME, Company, Enterprise) now have the option to add their main suppliers or related companies as Third Party and generate a report without consuming licenses for regular Companies.
  • Adding and creating new Company/Third Party:
    • The process of adding new Company/Third Party has been improved. Now it is possible to search for companies across Europe by name or identification number. Additionally, Companies are now categorized by size and industry, allowing us to add new features to the platform in future releases.
  •  Blacklists:
    • Numerous new Assets have been added to the blacklist, and the blacklisting mechanism itself has been renewed to make the platform more resilient to user input errors
  • Cleanup of Companies following recheck
    • The algorithm for removing Assets no longer detected in Companies after a recheck has been improved. This significantly reduces the time between the new check and the removal of the Assets.
  • Subscription usage statistics
    • The "consumption" of a Subscription in terms of inserted Companies/Third Parties compared to the available ones is now displayed. The number of checks performed for each Subscription is also shown. Tech users can view these values in their profile's Subscription details, where they can also set their default Subscription. Admin users can also see these in the Subscription list under "Manage Subscriptions".
  • IP Checks
    • The check for "IP" assets has been improved. It now verifies doubtful situations (e.g., suspected honeypots) more carefully, resulting in more consistent results.
  • DNS Checks
    • The check for "DNS" assets has been improved, now examining numerous additional parameters and verifying the DNSSEC configuration of the domain, if applicable.
  • Various graphical adjustments.
  • Bug fixes.


What's new on 23.06.001

This update brings new features to the platform, as well as addresses some issues and implements optimizations, including:

  • Notifications:
    • Implemented a notification system both within the platform and via email (see the dedicated section of the main guide here)
  • Tags:
    • It is now possible to add tags to Companies for easier searching and organization.
    • Company tags are also included in the notifications related to them.
  •  Graphical User Interface and User Experience:
    • Implemented the export of Assets from a Company's corresponding page.
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes.


What's new on V23.04.002b

This new release is a minor one and fixes some minor problems. After the update users will have to re-login to the system.


What's new on V23.04.002

This new release does not introduce changes in terms of user experience but improves the stability and performance of the service.


What's new on V23.04.001

This update brings significant new features to the platform, including:

  • Multi-Tenant Management and Subscription Management:
    • This release allows Partners to manage their own subscriptions and create new ones.
    • The update introduces the ability to add new users, both administrative and technical, by sending an invitation email and receiving confirmation from the invited user.
    • Check systems have been optimized and bugs have been fixed.
  • Reports:
    • DEMO version introduced with obfuscated assets and "DEMO VERSION" overlay.
    • PDFs generated with a DEMO license will be password-protected for printing.
    • PDFs generated with any license will be password-protected for modifications.
  • Graphical Interface and User Experience:
    • Updated color scheme for the dark theme.
    • Introduced the DEMO version of the user interface: "DEMO" type subscriptions will obfuscate. asset names and display a "DEMO" banner on the interface.
    • Various optimizations and bug fixes.
  • Optimizations and bug fixes on check systems have also been included.